Thursday, March 23, 2006

NixEclips, goes DOOM... and in further news...

Well Nixie, has writin a review of a movie that he actually liked!
and it was of all things DOOM!
See it at the :"new reviews" over at
Yes, I am still pitching for that wanker even thought he has not sent any bidders to my auction.. you know which one so I won't say it..

In further news, Technorati has taken an interesting stand in how it gets it's top ten, hot searches.
They let the chips fall where they may and then ban selected words.. not a bad plan all in all.

Some keywords that htey have banned fromt he top 10 in resent memory are
and combinations of tammy, tami, tamy, and video, download, sex, cell phone, and scandal.
It also looks like hte lovely Pavlina has goen into the cyber dumper as well.
Some that may be on the list that are perhaps more interesting, because it shows a want to level the public perception of "what's hot" are
Bottle Cap Tripod
or Bottle Top Tripod (which in my opinion was about the strangest #1 in history)
and other less "targeted" terms.

I am really starting to wonder what the "real" technorati top 10 is.
I think it woudl be interesting for technorati to have an unedited list. Just to see how different it is from what they have on the frontpage

Now I have this friend, who is nutier than I am, you can read his (really good content site, unlike this one) at his name is Mal.. not Wally.
Well Mal has the Pres, & CEO of technorati's personal contact info.. maybe if we all ask nice, he will put a workd in for us?
Afterall Technorait has it's useless "What's my blog worth" thing, the least they can do is offer some real insight into what is truly hot, for those of us that do not want to spam, but want to write about what is on the public mind.. both here and abroad.. and yes a broad is another thing that will probobly never make the top 10 even if havl the wankers using technorati at any given tiem are looking for pictures of naked broads.
Oh yea, naked,a dn nude and fuck adn fucking are also on the no-no list for top 10.
How about it technorati, how about a "members" area that shows the real stats? Have some balls would ya?

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