Thursday, March 23, 2006

Q&A not T&A questions about the HOT HOT HOT Auction.

The now world wide, famous auction that is brought to you by ebay, DeRex and the Letter Q is now even hotter than ever!!! Check it out!!!!

As we are getting more and more watchers, we are adding things to teh already in high demand, mystery product!
YEs, so far we have added a Certificate of Authenticity, (with the forged name Pavlina DeRex) and a supply of extra adhesive!

We are taking questions at a fevered pitch!
So let me see if I cannot answer some of the biggies here in FAQ format.
Q: What is the ETA of the product once the auction closes?
A: It is up to you pinhead.. you buy overnight freight, then it is overnioght, you pay for overseas container freight, then it is about a month.

A: Bseacus spell chuiscker is for people who give a fuck.

Q: Why dosen;'t ebay ban you or somthing for this crap?
A: because they get paid even if this is a completly stupid auction.

Q: What is the square root of 9
A: 3

Q: What's next, a southpark parkin pass.
A: Yes, we do have a parking ramp here in town that is called Park SOuth , but I have to ask, why do you think you woudl bid on it?

Q: What's that smell?
A: The Charles De Gaul airport.

Q: Are you my daddy?
A: Did I know your mother?

Q: why do you let people put their blog or website URL in their question and then post them?
A: Because I am a nice guy, and if they become watchers, then we all benifit if I make ebay's "Pulse".

Q: aren;t you affraid that somone will steal your idea and then sell the same item for less money.
A: Why do you ask so many fucking questions?

So get to the auction, ask a question, watch the item, email the item to friends who are as twisted adn sick as I am.. and have a nice day!

PS. at 100 watchers, I am planning on adding somthing of TRUE value! So it is all up to you.. we get famous together or we look silly together.. either way is fine with me!


welcome to wallyworld said...

Hey tell me this isn't class arse (or "ass" as you would say) -

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