Friday, March 24, 2006

Mal(icious) is up and at 'em again, in South Park?

Okay, I promise not to write another technospamrait post here, by mentioning, tammy nyp, video downloads, ETA, Pavlina, or any other derivitive of the top ten.

You have to see the little scrap that Mal dug up on this topic.. go to here.. the Anti Seal Boy Association of Europe or ASBAE (fuckers).

So it seems that we are not the only one waging war on unfair searchengine pratices.. you know i hate spam as much as the next guy, but lets face facts, if you can;t make fun of a term like Bottle Cap Tripod being #1 what's left to make fun of.. (well other than my complete lack of typing skills.. fuckin public school system!!!)

But if we are relagated to making fun of one or two bloggers here and there, how will we ever get the huge followings, that Daphne Teo , Xaxaiu, or Bruna Bianco once had?

Really what's left, that is not already being made fun of by someone somwhere better than any of us hhacks can. Issiac Hayes? For christ sake, hes got the entire writing staff of SOuth (oops.. I almost did it) making fun of him! Andthose fuckers are geniuses! or is that Guinneses?

I figure it comes down to this.. either I keep up the good fight, to make fun of us everywhere we may search or blog.. or I resort to writing errotica..

I think I could write a dirty stories blog.. so whatdo you think of this..
He was a seal boy. she a cowgirl.
He wore a Kilt to bed, and she a chearleader's outfit.. she woudl pull his kilt up, put him inside, and start to cheer.. because he had no arms, he would lay there and flop about.. it drove her mad! She would swing her hat wildly and shout gitty up! As he flopped about. The end.

Okay that sucks, but it's better than half of the "poetry" you read on blogs..

That reminds me, next Month, April, is National Poetry Month! Submit your poetry for review now!
Or I will coem find your blog, post your crap here and review it against your will.. the choice is yours.
All next month, I will be posting poetry, (good poetry) revieing poetry adn writing some of the worst poetry in the world! All to entertain you fucksticks. (okay actually everything I do here, is for my own entertainment.. so sue me)

Now I am off to find soem interesting pictures to upload here,a dn then I am off.. have a great day.

Quote of the day" The world just needs a blow job."

FUCK blogger is not uploading my photos again.. sunovabiotch!

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