Monday, March 20, 2006

Bottle Cap Tripod.. oh if you can't make a mint with this one.. here is a free-be for you..
Bottle cap Tripod .. WTF?
You’re kidding right?
This is some sort of sick joke on all the people who search technorati.. right?
Please tell me, that the item featured above is not all the rage right now?

I want to see the first person to take advantage of this by posting a “Bottle Cap Tripod on ebay.. )
Go ahead I dare you.. !
Click here and sign up.. all you need now is a bottle cap and a piece of threaded dowel and you have a bottle cap tripod.. cost , maybe 12 cents..

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I looked on ebay and no body is selling bottlecap tripods yet.. so go ahead be the first.. shit if you have a popular enough blog you could probably make the pulse..
I will even make you a deal, if you list a bottle cap tripod, I will put you on my watched list.. and help you get one step closer to making the pulse.

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Jake Ludington said...

Actually, what's probably all the rage is my DIY Bottle Cap Tripod, which was featured in the April issue of Popular Science and was incorrectly attributed to rather than causing people to search for its exsistence.

DelorumRex said...

No I think it is my auction on ebay..
(well I hope it becomes my auction on ebay)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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