Wednesday, March 22, 2006

getting attention with all this bottle cap nonsense...

First of all Pavlina For President (Let's finaly put a good looking bush inthe Whitehouse!)
Find Pavlina win a prize..

Okay the real reason for this post.. it seems that I may have gottent he attention of a few detractors.. with my once in a lifetime super duper brain buster of an auction.. (go to ebay search for "bottle cap tripod")
You can read the rumblings at
Truth and Traffic

I feel that even if I did not get proper credit (hurumfh) with a link, at least I got their attention.. and getting attention and making a few people smile is what this is all about.

So go visit this site and poke around, while he may have had his sense of humor surgicaly removed, ala Tom Cruise but hey he seems to have some brights, and deserves his props.

Okay on a completly different topic..
What is the Pavlina phrase that pays?
Yesterday it was, "Pavlina Gave me Herpes".. the day before "Put another Bush in the Whitehouse, Pavlina."
and the day before was "Pavlina.. I had her"

More nonesense..
Have you been to lately? If you havene't been since Sunday, you are not only a wanker, you are missing out on some of the best Movie Reviews in history.. (sure some of the movies reviewd are the Worst in History, but the reviews are great.. Nix has even posted a picture .. print that , put it in your closet, adn you will scare away any moths that might think about munching on your clothing.
(Nix, Works better than mothballs!.. and you don;t have ot hold his little legs apart either)

I dare him to do a review of All that JAzz on tomb.. come on nix, show your feminin side and do it!!!
I will be sure ot post in the coments section, or forum, or guestbook, or whatever..

Sure you do not have ot be a full on fag to like All that Jazz, but it don;t hurt.

Yabbos yabbos!

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welcome to wallyworld said...

Geeze mate...some of these people take themselves so seriously. So stop jerking the Search words you hear! Technorati is for serious bloggers not a couple of fuckwits like you and that lambe, paris character (BTW you following what he's doing in his "Shoot the Shit" column over at Wallys Playhouse?