Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bottle Cap Tripod on Ebay! and why you need one.

Bottle Cap Tripod on Ebay!
Why woudl you want a bottle cap tripod.. well lets say you are over at NYP and in the room of some girl named Tammy.. you decide that you are going to give her a bit of the old in-out in-out and video tape it with your cell phone.. when you suddenly discover, that the only way to get that all important shot, is to set the cell phone on it's side.. well you don;t want to give 12 million wankers a crick in there neck later when you make it famous all over the web.. so what do you do??!?!?!
You whip out your handy , dandy, Bottle Cap Triod! (Afterall , half of the girls you know call you tripod already!) You place your cellphone in its intended position, and get back to the mission at hand!

Or say you are cruzing the strrets of Belgrade, when up walks Pavlina, and her pet tiger.. she says "Hello , you man of man you.. want to go my plce and play pokie-pokie?"
You know your friends will never believe this!
Her eyou are with world class pianist and Russian space shullte / porn star Pavlina, and she wants to play "pokie-pokie!" You need a picture!
But pavlina's plac eis fully padded for maximum BDSM pleasure.. you can't just set your digital camera on a pillow and so snapping? WHAT DO YOU DO?
You take out your handy dandy bottle cap tripod! Give the adhesive a few chews, place your digicam on it and start snapping!
The adhesive has a pleasant flavor and stimulates saliva fproduction, shoudl you need a little quick lube for those tight spots.
So go now, and bid well on ebay's first technorati #1.. the bottle cap tripod, by DeRex.

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welcome to wallyworld said...

I thought I was a crazy fucker. But you,'re OUT THERE!

NixEclips said...

Nice one, dude.


And don't forget to fuck your mom. Prioritize, dammit!