Friday, March 24, 2006

Good to see South Park on Top Again! plus Douche of the Week.

Okay check out douche of the week.. this week Tom Cruise.. a sure fire contender every week!

and for tom, we offer this little song.. sing it Chef.

I really like SOuth PArk (no suprise to those that know me) I really thinkt hat Issac Hayes should have gotten an honorary mention in douche of the week.. so issiac.. this congs for you.
(Yes I know it;s the same fuckin song, but I workin with a budget here people!)
The real question still is what will be the next big.. I mean Tammy NYP big thing to hit Technorati.. I can;t wait to see Mal's daily commentary on the state of blog searchengines..
Last but not least is Nix.. yes fans it is soon to be another weekend.. and you all know what that means.. TOMB OF MUTHAFUCKIN ANUBIS Update!
This week that little Douche (not to be confused with the worlds largest Douche.. Bush) Nix, has not even given me a hint as to what Movie / Video he will be reviewing.. I wanted him to do Pavlina Does Paris, but he shot me down.. fine, see if I ever name a sexual position after you mr. smarty pants!
and on that nnote.. I offer you
Something completly different...

More later.. I watched another Star Trek Vidi last night.. and it was good.. but what do you expect from a geek like me?

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